Maybe I Can Finally Write

I have had the desire to share my thoughts with a greater audience for a long time.

I've been journaling since April 2014, so I've become comfortable with writing words for personal introspection. But I often think of those words as not good enough for public consumption. Part of my hesitation with creating a blog is the inherent vulnerability of sharing my thoughts with the Internet-at-large.

I’m a firm believer in owning ones’ content, and building this site was motivated in large part by that belief. Instead of trying to figure out Wordpress (or worse, give in to the convenience of a platform like Medium) I decided to write myself a blog engine before writing blog posts.

I first had the idea in 2015, but finding the motivation to work so diligently on a personal project never seemed to come. Four years later, after learning a new programming language and several Javascript frameworks, I've completed a long-standing personal desire. For those who like tech buzzwords, this site lives in the cloud on an EC2 instance, as a small React application with a back-end written in Go. All this is wrapped up in a Docker image to streamline deployments.

I do plan on writing up a longer-form article to describe the implementation. But for now, after so much deliberation and time spent, I can safely mark this off my checklist:

  • Create blog

And so maybe I can finally write.